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Ojibwe Language Classes

Unique language opportunity

Whether you are an American Indian Studies major, minor, certificate student, or a Blugold looking to fulfill the language requirement, we have a unique series of language courses worth considering. In the UW System, only Madison and Eau Claire offer courses in the Ojibwe language, and for students intending to work with this Indigenous population, learning the language and helping to preserve it will be an extremely useful investment.

A key element of preservation of culture is preservation of disappearing language, an issue increasingly true for all American Indian tribes, and certainly the Ojibwe Nation. As recently as the 1940's, the Ojibwe communities saw nearly 100 percent fluency in the language, but estimates in 2010 indicated as few as 1,000 fluent speakers of the southwestern Anishinaabe dialect spoken in Minnesota and Wisconsin.That's a precipitous drop, which seriously endangers the life of the language, and revitalization efforts have been seriously undertaken in the last decade. 

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