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AIS Majors + Minors

An interdisciplinary approach

At the core of American Indian Studies at UW-Eau Claire is the development of interdisciplinary knowledge focused on American Indian and Indigenous issues. As a program, AIS focuses on historical and contemporary issues and their effects on Indigenous peoples, with a primarily focus on native peoples of the Great Lakes and across the United States.

The AIS program made me aware of how Native American voices have not been allowed into their own histories, and how that is being changed today by Native American scholars.

Bob Bell, AIS faculty and program alumnus
Traditional Indian beading, Newman collection

American Indian Studies major

36 credits

The AIS major has been carefully designed to meet the needs of students who fall into any or all of the following categories:

  • Students who wish to enter a profession related to tribal affairs
  • Students who plan to pursue graduate studies
  • Students who are American Indian and wish to learn more about their heritage
  • Students drawn to broad-field interdisciplinary studies 

In addition, this major is an excellent complement to fields in which works may have occasion to encounter social issues relevant to Indigenous populations, such as nursing, social work, business and history.

Core requirements

The core 12 credits include introductions to American Indian history and culture, a theory and methods course, and a senior capstone. Capstones can be completed in a variety of ways, intended to allow students to incorporate the wide range of interests covered in the offerings of the electives, and can also combine interests with anther major or minor. 

Please be sure to contact your academic advisor about the details of your degree program. See Academic Program listing for detailed degree plans and course catalog links.

American Indian Studies minor

24 credits

A minor that allows for tremendous creativity and flexibility, the minor in American Indian Studies only requires two courses, leaving the remainder of credits to selected from the wide-ranging array of electives. Whether your major is social work, public history, nursing, or business, students can craft a course of study that best complements their interests and career goals.

See requirements for the AIS minor.

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