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American Indian Studies Certificate

An 18-credit advantage

The American Indian Studies certificate is designed for students interested in American Indian Studies in relation to their major. Several disciplines would benefit from an AIS program added to their main field of study, when a full AIS major or minor is not an option. Programs like nursing, education, social work, and business can all benefit from having an AIS certificate available for their majors. It can only be seen as an asset in these fields, where knowledge and cultural understanding are key in building and maintaining relationships.

The American Indian Studies certificate will prepare students to work effectively in American Indian communities. In addition to personal growth in cultural competency, this certificate will provide students from all backgrounds with the fundamental knowledge and experience for various career paths that connect with Indigenous populations.

Students earning the AIS certificate will be able to:
  • Define and apply the concept of tribal sovereignty in contemporary America, a necessary skill where there are jurisdictional issues requiring an understanding of the differences between state, tribal, and federal jurisdictions.
  • Explain the status of federally recognized tribes in relation to federal, state, and local governments, as well as private enterprise.
  • Identify examples of stereotypes and issues of cultural appropriation/exploitation of Indigenous people.
  • Practice culturally-sensitive dispositions as they engage with American Indians in the university community as well as tribal and urban communities within and around Wisconsin.
  • Interact respectfully with others and suspend judgment, understanding that judgments may be culturally biased and exclusive.
  • Evaluate the impact of systems, institutions, and issues in historical and contemporary times.

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