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Environment appreciation

Geology tells us about where the world has come from and where it might be going. Learn what earth scientist work on and get an overview of Geology. Gain firsthand experience with in-class activities or possibility in the field depending on the weather.

Professor: Bob Hooper
Description: This program provides activities that enhance participant understanding of, and appreciation for the physical environment and how earth scientists work. It is an informal program responding to demand of teachers and other community members and subject to availability of program providers. In good weather and with smaller groups, field-based activities are possible, in fact desirable. Otherwise, in-class activities can be substituted.
Ideal time: Good Weather is Ideal
Evenings available: Yes (some)
Weekends available: Yes (some)
Program is mobile: Yes
Program is on campus: Yes
Group Size: 25 people max
Handicap accessible: Yes; Indoor Activities Only
Fee: None
Available during: Academic year, Summer/Winterim (limited) - Advanced Notice Necessary
Phone: 836-2945
Preferred contact: By Email with subject line "Request for Earth Science Awareness"
Special notes: Smaller groups preferred, Advanced Notice Necessary

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