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About BGSC

Technology as high performing as you are

Our students wanted more experience studying physical and chemical systems, so they proposed funding for a high-performance supercomputing cluster with graphical processing units (GPUs). We received funding in 2012 and purchased two GPU nodes, one head node, and eight computer nodes and software, which became the Blugold Supercomputing Cluster. With the support of UWEC learning and technology services, six academic departments now give their students the research experience of a lifetime.

Blugold Supercomputing Cluster Mission Statement

To develop and maintain a high-performance supercomputing platform to provide support for those who love to code, explore the unknown world, generate models and simulate objects unable to be seen by the human eye, and bring virtual lab to the classrooms.


Faculty + staff work with you

Our team is made of up members from six different academic departments and the learning and technology services department. We make sure our students get the best research experience they can get and with the BGSC, we know that’s possible.

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Exceptional opportunities

When it comes to UWEC, opportunities are endless. The BGSC is no exception to this. We are proud to offer students research, internship, and classroom opportunities for them to grow personally and professionally.

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