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Making college work for busy lives

While we recognize that the overall demographic of college students has shifted in many ways, we still designate certain types of students as nontraditional and offer services and programs to accommodate their needs.

Maybe you are taking classes online, or attending classes only at night. Perhaps you have returned to college after taking time to raise children or build your own small business.

The definition varies, but one thing remains constant for adult/nontraditional college students — they experience competing tension between life obligations and educational goals. This tension can come in many forms. 

For purposes of scholarships and available services, UW-Eau Claire acknowledges the following categories of students as nontraditional: 

  • Married and/or a parent
  • Military veterans
  • Having a significant break in their education
  • Having other life situations that set their lives apart from recent high school graduates.

Services provided include campus resources, scholarship tips, course advising, advocacy, and information to prospective returning students.


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