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New Freshmen

AP, IB or College Transfer Credit

New freshmen with CERTAIN Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or college transfer credit, MIGHT be exempt from taking a UW-System placement test.

Below are some details to help you determine if your earned college credit MIGHT exempt you from taking a UW System placement test:

  • A score of three or better on an AP exam will give you college credit.
  • A score of four or better on a Higher Level IB exam will give you college credit. No credit is given for the Standard Level exams.
  • Equivalencies for AP and IB exams may be found on the UW-Help website.
  • Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate subjects that are in-progress (test will be taken in May) may not be used to exempt you from a placement test.  UW-Eau Claire will not receive test scores until July, after new student orientation is over. 
  • College transfer credit that is in-progress (no grade earned yet) might exempt you from taking a placement test.  However, it is assumed that you will successfully complete the course. If a course is not completed successfully, placement testing may be needed.

To determine whether you are exempt from any placement testing requirements, send an email to with all the information below.  Please be specific as possible.   Within two weeks, an academic advisor will reply via email confirming what placement tests are needed.

Blugold ID
Academic Plan (Major)

Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) exams.
Please use the format below to list any AP exam(s) for which you have earned a score of three or higher, and any Higher Level IB exam(s) for which you have earned a score of four or higher.

Exam Type Subject Score
AP Biology 4
IB Geography 5

College coursework for credit earned through either your high school or a college/university.
Please use the format below to list any of your complete or in-progress college coursework.

Name of the College Course Number Name of the course

Grade earned or In-progress

UW-Eau Claire PSYC 100 Intro to Psychology B+
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities SOC 1001 Intro to Sociology In-progress


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