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New Freshmen Entering Spring 2020

Registering and Taking Placement Tests

Placement tests are used to place you into appropriate English composition, math, and foreign language classes. The University of Wisconsin English, and Math placement tests are required for new students attending UW-Eau Claire.

At UW-Eau Claire, the University of Wisconsin World Language placement test is required if you wish to enroll in Spanish, French or German language classes and had two or more years of high school coursework in the subject.  If you studied Japanese or Chinese in high school, UW-Eau Claire has a locally developed placement test which is administered by appointment. Please contact us at to schedule the Japanese or Chinese placement test.

If you have Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or college transfer credit that you believe might satisfy the English, math, or foreign language requirement, please go New Freshmen with AP, IB or college transfer credit.

If you are taking the placement tests at a location other than UW-Eau Claire, you must complete them at least two weeks prior to participating in orientation. This is required to allow sufficient time for the test to be scored and processed.

University of Wisconsin requires students to show a government-issued photo identification document such as driver's license, state-issued ID or passport when they arrive to take placement tests. A high school photo ID is acceptable if it contains a photo and your full name. You must present an actual ID, a photograph of an ID will not be accepted.

Please bring sharpened #2 pencils with good erasers.  You may bring a battery powered non-graphing calculator to use on the mathematics portion of the test. Scientific calculators are allowed. Graphing calculators will not be permitted, and your cell phone may not be used as a calculator.  Calculators will not be provided at the test site.

Special Accommodations: If you request to take the placement tests under non-standard conditions due to a disability do not sign up online. For more information, go to UW Center for Placement Testing and select "Request Special Accommodations Due to a Disability.” Do not register online if you are requesting a non-standard accommodation due to a disability.

You may take the placement tests only once. It is important to do your best on the tests because if your scores are too low, you may be required to take remedial courses.

Contents of the placement tests along with practice tests may found at UW Center for Placement Testing.

A Placement Testing Services fee will be assessed on your first tuition bill.

You have three options to complete placement tests prior to orientation. You may take the tests at a participating UW-System School (Option 1), or at UW-Eau Claire the day before your orientation (Option 2), or for an additional fee through Computer-Based Testing (Option 3).

If you are taking the placement tests at a location other than UW-Eau Claire, you must complete them at least two weeks prior to participating in orientation.

Students should go to the Center for Placement Testing website and determine if a UW-System school near you gives residual placement tests. Each school has different testing policies and a proctoring fee is often required.

You may test at any UW-System school and UW-Eau Claire will obtain your scores.


If you are unable to take placement tests through the above option, placement tests will given the day before orientation on January 29.

One day will be spent taking the placement tests and the scores will be available the next day during your orientation. No registration is needed, just show up.

Schedule on testing day in Hibbard Humanities Hall room 100 (all times are approximate).

• Seating 10:45 - 11 a.m.

• Math testing 11 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.

• English testing 1:15 - 2:45 p.m.

• World Language testing 3 - 4 p.m.

When planning your arrival time, please allow at least 15 minutes to find parking and walk to the testing location.  You may park in the Hibbard Lot across from Hibbard Humanities Hall.

Students taking placement tests the day before orientation may use the parking permit provided by Orientation.  Student without a permit will need to stop into the Visitor Center located at 127 Roosevelt Avenue to obtain a permit.   

If you are unable to take placement tests through the above options, Computer-based testing is available throughout the United States and the world for an additional fee.

Computer-based testing must be completed at a Scantron Test Site at least two weeks prior to participating in orientation.  Registration for Computer-based testing begins March 1.

Because of non-refundable fees that range from $80-$100, it is strongly recommended that students consult with an academic advisor ( before registering for a computer-based test

For registration go to UW Center for Placement Testing and select “Follow this link to Register to take your Placement Tests.”

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