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About Orientation

You're the reason

We are so excited you have chosen UW-Eau Claire as your future home. Our main purpose is to make orientation as smooth as possible for you. We want to answer all of your questions, get you into those classes and make sure you find UWEC to be a comfortable place for you. Our advisors and student orientation assistants are eager to show you the ropes and get you settled in.

Blu with Student Orientation Staff

Orientation assistants

Meet the people you’ll be spending part of your day with. The orientation assistants are here to help you in any way they can and are excited to meet you. Find out why they came to UWEC and decided to make this university their home away from home.

Meet them

Ask us anything

You’d be surprised that a lot of your questions are ones others are asking as well. We have a list with the most popular orientation day questions — see if yours is already answered.

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