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Academic Affairs

Despite widespread participation in the planning process, we acknowledge that not all of our colleagues will agree with every recommendation in the Academic Master Plan, nor do we expect that all changes will be adopted immediately. We do, however, believe that the Plan is a strategic start to an ongoing and iterative process, marked by individual and collective imagination, for enhancing and claiming the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's distinctive position among regional, comprehensive universities within Wisconsin and the nation.

We believe that in some areas we should maintain our current direction (e.g. student/faculty undergraduate research) and in other areas, we must pivot sharply (e.g. advising and four-year graduation rate).  Without strategic thinking and institutional agility, UW-Eau Claire will become a lesser, more vulnerable university. With strategic and creative thinking though, we can claim our value and create our own future, even as we prepare our students for theirs.

Thank you to everyone who helped create the Academic Master Plan and to all those who will make the critical decisions to manifest its strategic priorities as deliberate action in the next four years.

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