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Arboretum Mission & Advisory Board

Our Mission

  • Providing professional protection and care for existing trees and shrubs. Planting and removing trees and shrubs as required to maintain a safe and diverse urban forest that promotes learning and contributes to campus sustainability.
  • Using the latest technology to document and monitor species, size, location, and maintenance activities, and continue to keep the tree inventory current.
  • Implementing landscape management with a functional approach to screening, environmental balance, and aesthetic design. Applying the knowledge of Grounds Services horticultural professionals to make management decisions in regard to tree maintenance and removal.
  • Maintaining an advisory committee of university and community members to develop and review campus policies and procedures.
  • Creating programs that provide education about the maintenance and growth of woody plant species and their proper use in the landscape.
  • Developing a diverse range of native and non-native woody plants that can be enjoyed for their natural beauty, used for learning and recreation, and to strengthen energy and storm water conservation efforts. Creating plant collections throughout campus to enhance study among related species and native/non-native trees.
UW-Eau Claire Arboretum /Tree Campus Advisory Board 2022-2023
  • Hazel Woodward, Director – Student Office of Sustainability
  • Daria Hutchinson, Landscape Architect – Facilities
  • Nora Mitchell, Assistant Professor – Biology
  • Karen Mumford, Associate Professor – Public Health & Environmental Studies
  • Joe Rohrer, Professor Emeritus – Biology
  • Matt Staudenmaier, Forestry Supervisor – City of Eau Claire
  • Lily Strehlow - Administrative Office of Sustainability