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Return On Investment

It pays to be a Blugold

College is a big investment and knowing that your investment will pay off is an extremely important factor when researching your options. We pride ourselves on giving you the best return on investment for your education.

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  • According to, UW-Eau Claire ranks second (behind UW-Madison) among all UW System schools in salary potential, based on our graduates' median early-career salary of $44,000 and median mid-career salary of $76,200.
  • According to the Institute for College Access and Success, UW-Eau Claire students have less debt than the average student in all Wisconsin and Minnesota publics and privates.
Erin Kelly in front of Target Field

Finding her field of dreams

Alumna Erin Kelly found outstanding support from academic advisor and LAS professor Dr. Analisa DeGrave which, coupled with a great academic experience at UW-Eau Claire, proved to be a winning combination to begin her career.

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The making of a Rhodes scholar

The making of a Rhodes scholar

Recent UW-Eau Claire graduate Tayo Sanders combined his passion for research with a natural ability to lead and became one of the 32 Americans named as 2015 Rhodes scholars.

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 Elise Rooney sits on Jansang Mountain in her backyard in Busan, South Korea.

Blugolds abroad

For many Blugolds, the desire to live and work in locations around the world was sparked by one of UW-Eau Claire’s myriad study abroad opportunities.

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What will it cost?

View our tuitions and fees, compare our costs with other schools, and see why UW-Eau Claire is a good investment.

Tuition and fees
Find ways to help pay for college

Find ways to help pay for college

Ready to go to college but not sure how you're going to pay for your degree? Evaluate all of the options open to you, including financial aid, scholarships and on-campus jobs

Financial assistance
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