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2020-2021 Academic Year

Chancellor Video Series: Return to Campus

The following videos were created to share updates on the 2020-2021 academic year and all we are doing to keep Blugolds safe on campus.

Life in the Residence Halls

Director of Housing and Residence Life Quincy Chapman describes the adjustments his team has made in response to the pandemic, and what students living in university housing this year can expect.

New Dining Options

Director of University Centers Kristin Schumacher explains the focus on “grab-and-go" meal options this year and talks about the new locations students will be able to enjoy their meals as the campus community practices physical distancing. Kristen also shares more information on changes made to the Davies Center, including where you’ll find classrooms, how to properly enter and exit the building, and how to pick up your books.

Expanding Academic Opportunities

Director of Academic Planning and Assessment Dr. Mary Hoffman discusses how courses will be offered in three formats this year including in-person instruction, hybrid instruction and remote learning.

Staying Healthy

Vice Chancellor for EDI and Student Affairs Warren Anderson talks about how students can take advantage of on-campus testing through Student Health Services while utilizing the Blugold Protocol app to monitor their health every day.

Taking Flight in Barron County

Campus Director Brittany Nielsen discusses the importance of following the Blugold Flight Plan and how students can find support and resources in Barron County during the academic year.

Social Responsibility

Vice Chancellor for EDI and Student Affairs Warren Anderson talks about the Blugold Pledge and the commitment everyone on campus must make to keep our community safe during the pandemic.

Campus Life

Director of Recreation and Sports Operations Andy Jepsen explains how students will engage in intramurals this year, what access to facilities on campus will include, and how social groups and organizations will operate.