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Blugold Flight Plan

Navigating our new social norms

At its core, the Blugold experience relies on all of us being on campus together, in-person. And we know that it is the best way for each Blugold to experience all the amazing transformational learning opportunities UW-Eau Claire has to offer.

For this to happen safely during a pandemic, we must come together as a community and do what is best for the community as a whole. We must navigate these unprecedented times together. We must each do our part to keep the members of our community healthy. The Blugold Flight Plan will allow our faculty, staff and students to spread their wings as they make the journey back to campus. The plan, and the Fly Right pledge, outline the simple, reasonable daily actions we can each take to help slow the spread of novel coronavirus and remain together throughout the fall semester.

Fly Right Pledge

The Fly Right Pledge is an agreement that students will follow, centered around these four protocols:

All Blugold students are required to sign the Fly Right Pledge prior to the third day of classes.

Students: Sign the Fly Right Pledge

Step 1: Wear your mask

Wear your mask to protect your fellow Blugolds. A person may be asymptomatic and still be carrying the virus, so it is critical for everyone on campus to wear a mask.

Face masks will be required for all students, faculty and staff. All campus members will be provided with two high-density, double-ply face masks. Masks are to be worn in all campus buildings and other high-population or close-contact areas of campus. These masks are to ensure everyone has at least some PPE, and you may decide to purchase additional masks to suit your situation.

Mask protection

Watch the video for more information on how to properly fit your mask to your face and keep it clean.

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Step 2: Practice physical distancing

In general, keep a distance of 6 feet (three ducks) between you and those you interact with on campus. Even though we must keep our distance physically, that does not mean we should be socially distant! Part of the Blugold experience is the connections we make with others at UW-Eau Claire.

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Step 3: Wash your hands 

Now is a good time to learn UW-Eau Claire’s fight song so you can sing it to yourself (or out loud) while you wash your hands. ("Happy Birthday" is a good alternative.) These songs are approximately 20 seconds — the recommended length of time you should lather the soap in your hands. Rinse your hands with the warmest water tolerable.

Proper hand-washing

Watch the video for more information on proper hand-washing.

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Step 4: Monitor your health 

For everyone’s convenience and in partnership with Mayo Clinic Health System, we developed an app called Blugold Protocol that will help us protect our community’s health throughout the semester. This secure app, available on mobile and desktop, is designed to recognize early indicators of COVID-19.

Simply input your temperature and symptoms daily, and the app will instruct you if any action should be taken. Other universities are using paper forms, but we thought you would appreciate the sustainability, reliability and convenience of this technology.

For further peace of mind, the app does not track your location and your data will not be linked to your name and shared with anyone outside of Student Health Service. Daily monitoring allows our healthcare experts to be proactive to help prevent an outbreak on campus. It will allow the health professionals to identify issues early, test sooner and treat the virus more effectively.

The Blugold Protocol app is currently in final development, but all members of the UWEC campus community will receive an email in mid-August with details for downloading.

Using your thermometer

For additional information on using your thermometer, please watch the video.

Maintaining your mental health

Watch the video to learn about ways to maintain your mental health during the pandemic.

Taking the COVID-19 test

Watch the video to learn about how a COVID-19 test is conducted.

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