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Joining the CWE: Becoming a Writing Assistant

The Center for Writing Excellence's Writing Assistants are UWEC undergraduates who are trained to work one-on-one with their peers' writing. You do not need to be an English major or a perfect writer--what's more important is a commitment to learning more about writing, an ability to work well with writers, and a curiosity about writing and tutoring.

When you work as a Writing Assistant, you will gain valuable training and experience helping others with their writing while improving their own writing and communication skills. The teaching and interpersonal skills you acquire are highly valued by employers, graduate schools, and other organizations.

Becoming a Writing Assistant

To join the CWE staff as a Writing Assistant, you must first complete ENGL 397 (Writing Center Theory and Practice), a course taught every Fall by the Director or Assistant Director of the Center for Writing Excellence. ENGL 397 prepares you to work in the center and counts toward your service-learning requirement.

To enroll in ENGL 397 you will need to:

  1. Ask a faculty member who is familiar with your writing to contact Jonathan Rylander (Director of the CWE) via email for a recommendation.
  2. Visit the Center and have a session. This helps you understand what students coming to the center experience. 
  3. Meet with the Director, Assistant Director, and senior writing assistants to talk about your writing and experience working with others.
  4. Submit a writing sample (approximately five pages).
Students who complete the course with a satisfactory grade are eligible to apply for paid positions in the Center for Writing Excellence.



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