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What is an ePortfolio?

Charting a writing assistant's progress over her/his tenure and assessing our center's effectiveness work hand in hand. A clever approach to measuring both a writing assistant and writing center's success is for you to participate in the Center for Writing Excellence's ePortfolio. Here is how it works:

  • Each academic semester, submit (if possible) an essay with documented sources from a humanities course (you will be given a tutorial hour for this at the semester's conclusion of ENGL 397);

  • Each academic semester, submit (if possible) an essay from a science or social science course;

  • Each academic semester, submit a creative essay from a course that does not neatly fit into the two classifications above;

  • Each essay submitted need not be rewritten or edited with the evaluating professor's remarks;

  • Each essay could very well be used in the future as a writing sample for graduate school or for a career portfolio.

In addition to paper submission, please take time to respond to the reflective questions pertaining to your individual progress as a writing assistant. The essays and the reflective questions are vital to the writing center staff's improvement, development, and assessment. Thank you for taking part in this valuable endeavor.

The Center for Writing Excellence

How do I access my ePortfolio?

Sharepoint is the software that the Center is using to create and house writing assistant's ePortfolios. Instructions on how to access Sharepoint and upload documents to your ePortfolio folder are available as a PDF file.