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The Center for Writing Excellence is a comfortable place where you can work on your writing one-to-one with a trained writing assistant. We focus on feedback rather than correction, helping you develop as a writer and student.




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What to Expect in a Writing Center Session

In a writing center session, you meet one-on-one with a trained writing assistant (WA) to work on some aspect of your writing assignment. Think of the WA as an informed reader who will help you understand your writing by asking questions and providing feedback.

Our first priority is higher-order concerns, like developing thesis statements, focusing your arguments, and generating ideas. Once these issues are addressed, we can also help you with organizing your sources, polishing and revising your writing, citation styles, and general formatting questions.

What Happens in a Session

To start the session, the WA will familiarize themselves with what you're working on by asking questions about the assignment and looking at your syllabus. Then, they'll ask about specific concerns and questions you have.

Once the WA knows more about the assignment and your goals for the session, you'll begin brainstorming, discussing your draft, or going over your initial questions. If you've brought a piece of writing with you to the session, the WA will ask you to read each section out loud (the WA can also read it out loud). As you read through the paper, the WA will ask questions and explain any areas that were confusing or difficult.

How to Prepare for a Session

  • Bring your syllabus, assignment sheet, readings, class notes, and any other documentation that you might need.
  • If you are working on a draft you've already written, bring a printed copy of the draft. (A printer is available in the Centennial CWE space.)
  • Think about what you want to work on during the session. It's helpful if you come with specific questions or particular areas of the paper that you're concerned about. However, if you're just confused generally, don't worry! We can help with that, too!