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Center for Writing Excellence: Writing Fellows

The Writing Fellows program matches experienced undergraduate Writing Assistants with faculty seeking additional support in writing-intensive courses.

Meet the Spring 2017 Writing Fellows!

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Vanessa Kelton

I am a third year student here at UWEC, majoring in English Linguistics. I also have a minor in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), which is what I plan to do after I graduate. I’ve worked in the CWE for nearly two years, and this is my second semester as a writing fellow. My hobbies include reading, finding new shows to binge-watch, and adding to my growing collection of Star Wars t-shirts. I’m also a terrible cook, but I believe I’ve made significant progress toward baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

As a writing assistant and fellow, I try to guide students toward becoming the best writer they can be. Writing is all about communicating what you know as clearly as you can to your reader, and my role is to help students with this process in whatever way I can. I accomplish that through asking questions, bouncing ideas back and forth, or providing encouragement. Every student has a unique voice and approach to his or her writing, and I try to preserve that while also finding ways to improve upon it.

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Carly Kuran

Hello! I’m a fourth year English education student with a creative writing minor. My anticipated graduation date is May, 2018. I’ve got one more year left, so I’m excited to get out into the working world and start teaching in my future classroom. I’ve been working in the CWE for two semesters; I spent one semester abroad in England where I gained a new appreciation for constructivism in the American classroom. While abroad, I fell in love with Scottish Highlands and the minutia of travel. My interests include books, writing, and learning new things! I get very invested in the media I consume. Sometimes for fun I just troll around on the university databases. I love to color, my favorite animals are cats, dogs, and reptiles – I would have a snake or a lizard, if only they weren’t so expensive to maintain!

As a writing assistant and a writing fellow, I love being there to help people gain a better understanding. Even if it’s a topical assignment, I’m here to help students attain their reading and writing goals! I’m a resource ;) I love collaboration, it’s one of my favorite ways to teach. I’m so glad for the opportunity the CWE and writing fellows have provided me, and I look forward to using the skills I have acquired there to help students.

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Christy Thomas

Hello! I am a junior English-Creative Writing major and Business Administration minor. Last semester, I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Winchester, England, where I was able to study British Literature in the place it was created! I really love reading, writing, spending time with my family and friends, cuddling my cat, knitting, and seeing my adorable nephew smile. I hope to become a book editor one day because I love how words have the power to take you to every corner of the earth!

This is my second year working in the CWE and my first semester as a writing fellow. I enjoy working with all sorts of writers on all sorts of projects because seeing pieces of writing come together is one of my favorite things. I especially love brainstorming because there is so much potential in every paper to make something great!


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