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Oral History Project 2009

Women's studies majors enrolled in WMNS 490 Current Debates in Theories and Methods of Feminism during the spring 2009 semester engaged in an oral history project entitled "Faces and Voices of Feminism in the Chippewa Valley." Follow the links provided to sample some of the digital stories they produced and the profiles they wrote for Vision magazine, co-published by Ellen Mahaffey (Communication and Journalism) and Katherine Rhoades (Women's Studies).

Sarah Harder

Sarah Harder

Click to view oral history presentation

Vision article about Sarah Harder (pdf)

Rose-Marie Avin

Rose-Marie Avin, Ph.D.

Click to view oral history presentation

"I believe that one of my goals as a feminist economist, is to eliminate the conditions of women in the developing world."

A economics professor at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire shares her story. view profile

Susan Turell

Susan Turell, Ph.D.

Click to view oral history presentation

Feminism- "it's not just about women.."

The current Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean of Undergraduate Education shares how she formed her feminist beliefs that impact her work to promote social change. view profile

Additional profiles are available in the Vision magazine (pdf).