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 Watershed Institute Research

The Watershed Institute strives to provide quality research to the larger community. While the Institute is constantly growing and evolving, so will the research and projects found below.


The Confluence Center for Chippewa River Studies seeks to facilitate interdisciplinary examinations and appreciations of the Chippewa River Valley Region. With the Eau Claire campus straddling the Chippewa River, the CONFLUENCE Center is inherently a regional center focused on the Chippewa River Valley. While geographical in setting, the primary goal of the center is to encourage and support multi- and interdisciplinary activities hence the name CONFLUENCE. The Chippewa River Valley provides common ground for research in many fields, and is a vital resource for many individuals and groups throughout the university and regional communities. The mission of the CONFLUENCE Center is to create an environment that allows these many different interests to flow together like tributaries of a river.View the CONFLUENCE research.