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Sponsors and Partners

The Environmental Civic Agency learning community would like to thank the following community partners for their collaboration and generosity.


The Blugold Commitment

"The Blugold Commitment is a partnership of students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends to preserve and enhance the distinctive, high-quality UW-Eau Claire experience."

Wisconsin Environmental Education Board

"The Wisconsin Environmental Education Board (WEEB) was established by 1989 Wisconsin Act 299, becoming law in 1990. Since its inception, the board has been an active working group. In addition to operating an environmental grants program, the board is recognized as a consensus-building group on environmental education issues."

Community Partners

Clear Vision Eau Claire

"Clear Vision Eau Claire is a county-wide initiative that brings together citizens to work collaboratively to develop a vision for Eau Claire and to take steps to engage all citizens with a common goal and purpose."

Lower Chippewa River Alliance

Special thanks to the Lower Chippewa River Alliance and Eleanor Wolf in particluar.

River Country Resource Conservation and Development Council

"We build connections. We utilize resources that individuals are aware of, but also reveal those resources that they don't know are even available to them. We strive to give each and every person the opportunity to be sustainable, while creating a positive bottom line in their environment, their finances and their relationships."

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire: Environmental Adventure Center

"The EAC Rental Program at UWEC maintains the largest inventory of outdoor equipment in the Eau Claire area. Equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis to University Id holders. If you are heading into the outdoors for a weekend of fun, make us your first stop for all your equipment needs."

University of Wisconsin-Extension: Lower Chippewa River Basin Educator Links

"The Lower Chippewa Basin consists of 24 watersheds and portions of 15 counties, draining 5,300 square miles of land from the Holcombe dam downstream to the Mississippi River at Nelson."

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

"The Department of Natural Resources is dedicated to the preservation, protection, effective management, and maintenance of Wisconsin's natural resources. It is responsible for implementing the laws of the state and, where applicable, the laws of the federal government that protect and enhance the natural resources of our state."