University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

University Faculty Spring Meeting

April 24, 2006


The annual spring meeting of the University Faculty was called to order by Interim Chancellor Vicki Lord Larson at 4:01 p.m. on Monday, April 24, 2006, in Davies Theatre.


1.         Report of the University Faculty Nominating Committee Paul Wagner, Chair
On behalf of University Faculty Nominating Committee, following names placed in nomination for University Faculty vacancies



Cathy Berry, Family Health Nursing

Ned Gannon, Art & Design

Abraham Nahm, Management & Marketing

Kristin Schaupp, Philosophy and Religious Studies

Rebecca Wojahn, Library Services

Ruidong Zhang, Management Information Systems

         Question raised as to whether Rebecca Wojahn still employed at university

         Secretary to check prior to ballot production

         No additional nominations from floor



Janice Berry, Family Health Nursing

Charlene Burns, Philosophy & Rel. Studies

Wayne Carroll, Economics

Jeff Erger, Sociology

Lyle Ford, Physics and Astronomy

Michelle Kettler, Biology

Barbara Lozar, Psychology

Paul Wagner, Computer Science

         No additional nominations from floor



Jack Bushnell, English

Shyam Chadha, Mathematics

Jeff Erger, Sociology

Marc Goulet, Mathematics

Scott Lowe, Philosophy and Religious Studies

Mona Majdalani, Curriculum and Instruction

Joline Morrison, Computer Science

Mike Morrison, Computer Science

Mehdi Sheikholeslami, Accounting and Finance

         No additional nominations from floor



Margaret Devine, Accounting and Finance

Thomas Hilton, MIS

Robert Hooper, Geology

Sharon Hydo, Nursing Systems

Debra Jansen, Adult Health Nursing

Michael Wick, Computer Science

         No additional nominations from floor



Sean McAleer, Philosophy and Rel. Studies

Mike Morrison, Computer Science

Paul Wagner, Computer Science

         No additional nominations from floor


Without objection, nominations closed. The election will be electronic with ballots arriving in email inboxes next week.


2. Introduction of Proposed Amendment to the Constitution of the Faculty and Academic Staff Andrea Gapko, Acting Chair, University Senate

Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook Twenty-First Edition, October 2004, Chapter 3, Page 14

4. The Academic Policies Committee

a. Membership: The committee includes the Provost and Vice Chancellor, nine University Faculty senators elected for three-year terms by the University Faculty members of the Senate, and one ex officio and nonvoting University Faculty representative from Library Services elected by members of the Library Services professional staff. There shall be at least one member from each of the colleges. The Provost and Vice Chancellor or designated representative shall serve as an ex officio non-voting member of the committee.


Without objection, this proposed constitutional amendment will be included as a referendum on spring election ballots next week.


3.        Miscellaneous Business

         Joint Committee on Employee Relations is holding public hearings next Wednesday, including item on modification of pay plan for 2005-2007 for certain unclassified employees

         Issue of criminal background checks for employment practices draft has been sent to Academic Staff Personnel, Faculty Personnel, and Executive Committee chairs

         May be considered at May 9, 2006 University Senate meeting for formal response to system by May 10, 2006


4.        Conversation with Interim Chancellor Larson

         No questions or comments


Without objection, meeting adjourned at 4:10 p.m.


Submitted by,


Wanda Schulner

Secretary to the Faculty and Academic Staff