University of WisconsinEau Claire

University Faculty Special Meeting

August 25, 2004


The special meeting of the University Faculty was called to order by Chancellor Donald Mash at 8:05 a.m. on Wednesday, August 25, 2004 in Schofield Auditorium.


1.         Opening Remarks – Chancellor Mash

·         Will create context for what doing here today, then turn meeting over to University Senate Chair Harrison

·         Will put me in position to participate as necessary in following discussion

·         Prior to my arrival six years ago, structural reorganization at university created College of Professional Studies (CPS) with three schools

·         Upon my arrival, lingering discussion about that reorganization continued

·         I was very clear about not dismantling something just put in place without opportunity to see if it could work

·         Departments that made up three schools adjusted and performed very well

·         Feedback continued, provost and I observed, as did associate deans of three schools

·         Included past and current associate deans as we have had turnover in those positions

·         After considerable thought and important consultation, last spring I determined time was right to put forward organizational changes that reversed those of eight or nine years ago

·         Sincerely believed time was right and departments and schools needed more exposure by removing layer of administration

·         Will take few minutes to talk about process because everybody has different level of information depending upon their interest

·         Opening packet yesterday contained summary of what doing today and bit of recap on how we got here

·         I put number of pieces of organizational restructuring forward in early May and began consultation process to discuss those changes publicly

·         Items discussed were more numerous than those dealing with today

·         Today basically

·         Eliminating College of Professional Studies

·         Taking three schools and creating two colleges that will incorporate all departments

·         Many of you here today were part of process of looking at how that might come together

·         Significant consultation process late in spring and through summer

·         Did some voting about aspects, including what colleges might be called

·         Following consultation with University Senate Executive Committee, I put forward all-university email on May 5th to lay out all recommended changes

·         Some needed to be taken through governance process; others did not

·         A week later, discussed recommendations with University Senate in open forum setting

·         Was some give and take there that day

·         Discussion included senators as well as others who came because of agenda item

·         Between early May and end of semester, consultation began among departments and schools and Interim Provost Tallant

·         Associate deans of each of schools very involved in those discussions

·         Began to sort through things that needed to be done to make this work, particularly realignment of School of Human Sciences and Services (HSS)

·         Departments of Social Work, Communication Disorders, and Kinesiology and Athletics eventually decided to become part of College of Education

·         Department of Allied Health Professions, made up of programs of Environmental and Public Health, Health Care Administration, and Music Therapy decided to become part of College of Nursing

·         Agenda reflects those conclusions; now considering changes that governance process requires be approved in session like this or in University Senate

·         In consultation with University Senate Chair Harrison, determined change ought to have broader audience than University Senate, so this special meeting for University Faculty called

·         Initially thought might be able to discuss and take action during month of May

·         Discussion at that time suggested there were issues that required more time for talk, for processing, and for key administrators to get things lined up

·         Sent out all-campus bulletin on May 20th indicating would not rush and would take up matter when everyone returned

·         Reviewed what we had done to date and included likely agenda for this meeting so folks would have time to consider over course of summer

·         So, here today to look at and, it is my hope that after necessary discussion, endorse these changes

·         Think changes are in best interest of university

·         We have number of challenges; as I laid out yesterday, biggest is to build financial capacity to enhance the great job we are doing for our students and public, and perhaps do even more

·         These changes position us to be more effective than we are today – not only for better performance, but for better support

·         Eau Claire Advantage piece in packet yesterday included many things happening across campus

·         People taking initiative to fine tune something, create something new, or make a necessary change to make things work better

·         Talking about some disciplines that are priorities for general public – health care, education

·         Critical public services needing professionals, preparation, and leadership

·         Will be better able to compete for resources when organization puts those functions more clearly forward

·         Two new colleges emphasize nursing and education, but with approach that brings HSS into these colleges

·         Poises all department to do more and to grow

·         Hope new alignment and collaboration of departments will create new opportunities

·         Will invest in those good ideas when they come forward

·         Have already heard of some excitement accompanying the tension related to changes

·         Now prepared to turn meeting over to Susan Harrison

·         Will listen carefully and participate as necessary, as will provost and associate deans

·         Sense overwhelming support across campus based on feedback and reaction both prior to and since recommendations because public

·         Important to be clear about what is happening and why, and listen to anybody with something to say on issues so can learn and make sure not missing something as go forward

·         Response to question from floor

·         Changes, if endorsed today, must be approved by Board of Regents

·         Regents aware of process going on here; expect item will be on agenda at Board of Regents meeting on September 10, 2004


2.        Proposed Organizational Changes for Discussion and Vote by University Faculty – University Senate Chair Harrison

·         Items e), f), and g) go to Board of Regents for information only

·         Since motion distributed relates to academic reorganization, members of University Faculty will vote

·         Points for clarification

·         Could include amendment to indicate where HSS departments moving once motion on floor

·         Human Development Center realigned to report directly to provost because serves several colleges

·         Existing governance structures for schools of education and nursing remain intact for respective colleges

·         Now working on amending committees, bylaws, and so forth within colleges

·         University Senate currently working on language for changes to handbook, university committee structures and required representation

·         Some committee realignments required because no longer three schools

·         Possible seats now set aside for HSS will disappear; also possible colleges would each have two representatives

·         Discussion will come before senate as to how to realign at university level, not committees within colleges

·         Will also adjust to transition to new representation

·         Would hope newly formed colleges will quickly decide on transition structure to cover curricular issues for all departments – curriculum committees are not property of entire University Faculty, but of faculty within colleges

·         Is leap of faith for HSS departments going into colleges not knowing what governance structure will look like – lot of uncertainly

·         May need process for review if new structure doesn’t meet departments’ needs

·         Administrative leadership considering those kinds of questions – already under discussion within new college structure

·         Resolution of curricular matters should take into account interests of various departments

·         Still some work to be done, but departments from HSS not going to be disadvantaged in any way as result of restructure – hope is that they will be enhanced

·         Structure enabling them to do their work is part of that

·         Details of restructuring not held at University Senate or University Faculty level, but at college level

·         Unless motion divides the question, vote will be on package because many items interrelated

·         Deans will head each new college; will be full-time associate dean in College of Education and Human Sciences (EHS), at this point half-time associate dean in College of Nursing and Human Sciences (NHS); are no assistant deans

·         Have been clear since changes put forward that would not exacerbate financial situation in terms of dollars spent, nor positions

·         If look at administrative costs and positions, have reduced FTE by 0.75 with associated dollar savings


Motion 41-UF-01

        Moved by Sheila Smith and seconded that

a)     the College of Professional Studies be eliminated

b)     the School of Human Sciences and Services be eliminated and the departments within the school be moved to other colleges

c)     the School of Education be renamed the College of Education and Human Sciences

d)     the School of Nursing be renamed the College of Nursing and Health Sciences

e)     the Department of Kinesiology and Athletics be renamed the Department of Kinesiology

f)     the Department of Allied Health Professions be renamed the Department of Public Health Professions (PHP) and the associated course prefix of ALLH be changed to PHP

g)    the major Environmental and Public Health be renamed Environmental Public Health and the related undergraduate and graduate degrees and majors be renamed accordingly


Amendment 41-UF-01-a1

        Moved by Alan Gallaher and seconded that the motion be amended as follows:

c)       the School of Education be renamed the College of Education and Human Sciences consisting of the departments of Curriculum and Instruction, Foundations of Education, Special Education, Social Work, Kinesiology, and Communication Disorders

d)       the School of Nursing be renamed the College of Nursing and Health Sciences consisting of the departments of Nursing Systems, Family Health Nursing, Adult Health Nursing, and Public Health Professions



·         Not stepping on toes of colleges doing own organization; college governance structure (committees, representation, etc.) up to individual colleges, not moving of departments

·         Still Department of Allied Health at this point because name not changed until further down list

·         Music Therapy included in NHS as a program within newly named Public Health Professions


Vote on Amendment 41-UF-01-a1: Amendment PASSED without dissention.


Discussion on Main Motion as Amended

·         If vote this down, existing structure would remain with no dean for College of Professional Studies

·         As governing body, need to approve this structure one way or another


MOTION made, seconded, and DEFEATED to pull item a) out of the rest of the motion for a separate vote.


Further Discussion on Main Motion

·         Would be helpful to hear from people in these different units

·         Been away during summer

·         Hear there is strong support, but not have heard people stand up in favor

·         I am in favor of this

·         Favor this; think we are going to have good alliance with nursing folks, excited about that

·         Am personally concerned with way this was handled

·         Didn’t feel consulted; thought it was handed down that the college was gone

·         Do support the transition

·         Know there was lot of discussion, yet didn’t feel involved in those discussions

·         Very supportive of this motion

·         Through summer, transition team worked in new EHS

·         Have mission statement and bylaws drafted

·         Ready this afternoon to continue discussion on budget structure; will be membership from all departments within new college

·         On personal level, when got message from Chancellor Mash, I sent him a thank you

·         Transition has had strong support from Executive Committee of School of Nursing and faculty and staff of that organization

·         As professor in NHS, think this is very good move for nursing

·         Difficult to recruit faculty as school within professional studies and without dean that was a nurse

·         Also difficult to take part in leadership at national level

·         Embrace addition of Music Therapy and other programs; will definitely work to make your department strong

·         As faculty in Family Health Nursing, am supportive of change, but have expressed in several forums my concern about process

·         As governance body we are being asked to endorse a decision that has already been made

·         Think organizational change good for all three schools from CPS – was extremely difficult for someone to take that leadership position and understand the programming involved in all schools

·         As associate dean in College of Arts and Sciences (A&S), quite impressed with process as I experienced it

·         At one point when Social Work Department deciding where to move, their faculty, program assistants, and students interviewed dean and associate deans of A&S

·         Did reject us, but impressed by process

·         Music Therapy program probably stood more to lose than everybody else in process, but strongly supports changes recommended today

·         From outsiders point of view (from Management Information Systems in College of Business) and having been on campus for a year, looks like good idea to me

·         Will have greater visibility to public for programs involved

·         One less administrative level to deal with

·         Better fit of administrative structure that embodies the faculty, the content, and the students

·         As for openness of process, I have seen it a lot worse at other universities during my career, I have never seen it better

·         Hats off to Chancellor Mash for convening this meeting

·         Have seen this done where president says this is the way it is, and that is the way it is

·         Support current proposal having been here when CPS created; we lost with really no involvement in process

·         This was outstanding process with plenty of opportunity for people to be involved if they chose

·         People very open at every level in answering questions and being available

·         Change is always difficult, no good time for this kind of process, whether in May, or October, or December, or January

·         From Human Development Center point of view, think students and faculty will benefit greatly from structural change

·         Old structure didn’t work well because have students and faculty from multiple colleges

·         Being in one college, was no way to work out any conflicts

·         As associate dean in HSS whose position was eliminated, applaud departments in HSS for their flexibility, their openness, their ability to make decisions and come to you willing to be part of your decision that eliminates what they once were

·         Thank associate dean for leadership and professional involvement during anxiety and tension-filled year for HSS

·         While do have confidence in current leadership of different colleges, lots of details yet to be worked out

·         Is significant change for some of us; are going into it with heads looking forward in positive spirit

·         But do not think it is too much to ask that there be a formal review to make sure faculty have some equitability about how process works out

·         Would like to consider a motion as simple as university administration will conduct an administrative review in one year and evaluate how it has worked out

·         Don’t know if you can do that in a year; we are making lots of changes that will need time to settle in – won’t even know unanticipated consequences within a year

·         Office of Academic Affairs needs to watch during first year and look for problems, but for an official evaluation, would recommend we do that in two years

·         As former dean of college for consideration for removal, am hopeful this organizational restructure can bring all positive intents of the chancellor for the faculty

·         I’m now back on faculty full-time, just planning on maintaining EHS

·         Administration committed to making this work

·         Know there will be challenges and difficulties, particularly in fiscally challenging environment

·         Think over time, collectively we are going to be able to make this work and it will be in the best interest of the university

·         Leadership of three schools in professional studies also saw great potential in this change

·         No question, there will be evaluation ongoing on regular basis, but if comfort level is higher with addition to motion, administration is fine with that

·         Are no annual reports from colleges, similar to annual reports from departments, where this information would be gained over next couple of years anyway

·         Currently, on annual basis, provost, chief financial officer, the dean and others meet with the chair of each department and assess how things are going, what the issues are, and what the challenges and problems are

·         A summary of that consultation is developed and sent forward to create an agenda for follow-up

·         So at departmental level, that is already built into process

·         Deans do not submit a similar report, but that doesn’t mean deans are not talking on a regular basis with the provost about the bigger picture as it relates to departments and their interaction

·         As faculty from kinesiology, speak in support of whole package

·         Have interesting department; not quite sure where we fit exactly, A&S, EHS, or NHS, even looked at College of Business

·         What I was doing in exercise science was quite successful under old format; hope this will be better from my perspective

·         Thank Mark Clark and Pat Christopherson for their support as our programs grew – have over 400 majors and minors without too many faculty and we do need support

·         Hope we won’t be the little kid brother in education; more concerned for colleagues in public health not being kicked around by nursing

·         On behalf of School of Nursing, offended by that comment

·         School of Nursing doing everything in effort to more than welcome these people to join us in the college

·         See them as assets to our programs, and think we can be assets to their programs

·         Nobody is going to be anybody’s stepchild


Amendment 41-UF-01-a2

Moved by Doug Olson and seconded that this change be reviewed by university administration after two years and reported to the University Senate


·         Becomes part h)

·         Means after two years, the review process commences


Vote on Amendment 41-UF-01-a2: Amendment PASSED.


Further Discussion of Main Motion as Amended

·         Remind everyone that whenever we use the term that other departments are joining education or nursing, think what is intended is we are merging into a new college

·         Will be implemented as soon as signed off by Board of Regents

·         Prefix changes will be implemented as soon as chancellor signs off


Vote on Motion 41-UF-01: Motion PASSED without dissention.


Follow-up comments by Chancellor Mash

·         Thank you very much; pleased at discussion because think comfort level is higher than might have been without important question asking those involved to let us know what they think

·         Has been lots of discussion and consultation

·         Individual departments did decide where they wanted to be

·         Number of things, including names of eventual colleges, voted on

·         I am very respectful of shared governance process that works very well

·         In terms of official authority, the role of chancellor is fairly clear

·         Authority is delegated to me by Board of Regents, and ultimately I have to make any number of decisions; question is how decisions made

·         Seems to me leadership means taking the initiative, particularly when you sense a mood of acceptability, to put things out there that are in the best interest of the university to get action more quickly than would happen through the other process

·         In this particular case, at no time did I think this was a significant risk

·         Had I judged my initiative in this matter would be a divisive issue, I wouldn’t have put it forward

·         Occasionally other decisions may be less popular than I see this one being, even though this is very significant decision

·         In shared governance situation, process is key

·         Way we talk about issues critically important

·         If you sit on University Senate, you know there was ample discussion of issues with administration participating

·         If you don’t sit on University Senate, or attend those meetings, you might not be aware of the degree to which consultation and discussion occurs, but it is ample and it is significant

·         In case like this, will take lot of effort and work for us to realize a wonderful change for this university; think we are all prepared to do that and I thank you


3.        Chancellor Mash responded to follow-up questions from yesterday’s meeting or other questions

·         Have every reason to believe regents will approve this change

·         Deans-to-be have been functioning pretty much as deans, as well as associate deans; could not sit and wait for change like this to happen

·         Will become official when Board of Regents makes its decision

·         Each associate dean of the three schools was hired through full legitimate search so will be matter of changing titles

·         If regents wonder where athletics went, I will tell them

·         I believe kinesiology positioned to be even better department

·         Quite possible athletics will also function better as unit

·         Now new athletic director in place after position vacant for nearly two years

·         Reporting directly to Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Services Bill Harms

·         Very difficult to know how regents’ request for more money from legislature will come out

·         Think 2005-2007 biennium going to be better than current one

·         Is a matter of how big tuition increases will be, but support from state critical

·         Cleared the first hurdle with Board of Regents, who are basically governor’s appointees, saying state needs to begin to reinvest in its public higher education system even while trying to get state budget under control – not insignificant hurdle

·         I urged regents (transcript of my remarks to regents included in opening meeting packet) to begin different course of action in how state dealing with its public higher education system

·         Faculty representatives and students did the same

·         Regents could easily have said state isn’t financially well enough to ask for additional general funds – just raise tuition again and do not cut them

·         Governor might have been very happy with that statement, but that is not what the regents did – and, that is a good sign

·         Hard to know what will happen at this point – really is governor who makes the decision, although legislature intimately involved

·         Will be hearing about budget request for months, with politicking inevitable with Republican controlled legislature and Democratic governor

·         When dust settles, budget is essentially what the governor recommends

·         So we need to get governor’s ear – that is challenge for UW-System and Board of Regents

·         Haven’t seen the support from governor that we need

·         His plan to grow Wisconsin short on what university’s role is

·         Can only guess at how things will shake out

·         Do know economy is getting better and there is a little money to spend

·         Already appearing in editorials that university can’t take any more cuts, we have to start reinvesting

·         Hearing that is hopeful

·         Regents when sent budget request forward clearly set priorities

·         Financial aid to offset higher tuitions

·         More operating money

·         Positions restored, particularly faculty positions

·         Reasonable pay plan for faculty and professional staff because recruiting and retention critically important

·         Less regulation for more flexibility

·         Access is an issue people do understand and it is tricky

·         Wisconsin ranks about fourth or fifth in country in percentage of state residents that go from high school directly to public higher education, so serving that group pretty well

·         Have continually gone down in percentage of low income families attending UW schools; rank near bottom in terms of part-time, over age 25 folks working toward a degree

·         Access is most important in those segments

·         Governor and legislature need to hear general public express real concern and put pressure on them about these issues

·         Hard to get the general public excited (short of freeze on enrollment by the regents a few years ago)

·         From general public point of view as they look at our campuses, things are going pretty well

·         Forty-five percent of our entering freshman class are first generation college students

·         Might be part of equation of general public not understanding the value of university system

·         Problem with “nurse is a nurse” idea, which results in push by legislature to generate nurses faster by putting money into technical colleges, is we need bachelor prepared nurses for professional as well as conventional wisdom reasons

·         Attempting to make that point and get targeted funding is what we need to do

·         What I might say to you varies from what might say to chancellors or system or regents or legislature

·         Hope you left yesterday’s meeting thinking things were going pretty well as we need to keep our morale up and celebrate what we are doing and how well we are doing it in face of challenges

·         Don’t have my head in the sand, know there are some problems

·         When speaking to another audience, need to speak about things they are going to connect with

·         Case in point is mentioning need to invest in producing more nurses, rather than focusing on arts and sciences, because people understand that

·         Not as simple as saying we need better salaries to general public

·         They think we are doing pretty well

·         So need to talk about what it means to them when we can’t recruit and retain the best people and what it means to Wisconsin

·         Message takes a little crafting and UW-System has been struggling with this

·         Need to keep working because every public opinion poll indicates the general public loves and is proud of the University of Wisconsin System

·         But legislative decision makers not picking up on that

·         See no political downside to talking about university system, but not funding it

·         That is the complexity of this and what we struggle with all the time – how to make the case and send the message being clear about what a challenge it is for Wisconsin because we can manage with whatever we have to manage with

·         We will feel some pain and it will inconvenience us, but the loser in the long-term is the region we serve and the state generally

·         Biggest challenge is getting message out about public higher education and then work through some of our issues

·         Will be easier to work through issues with a little bit of money


Without objection, meeting adjourned as 9:38 a.m.


Submitted by,



Wanda Schulner, Secretary to the Faculty