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WISDM Information

WISDM Information:

WISDM (Wisconsin Data Mart) is the tool that the UW-Eau Claire campus uses to view its financial data.

To enter WISDM:

Click on WISDM Web Application and then click on WISDM Production to log in.

If you are unable to login WISDM, contact Jackie Kriesel at 36-2520 or to ensure you are set up as a WISDM user.

How to lookup the SFS funding string

WISDM Manuals and On-line Tutorials:

WISDM On-line Tutorials:

Speakers must be on so you can hear the sound. If you want to replay the tutorial, click the green arrow on the bottom left hand corner.

On-Line WISDM Set-up (Getting Started)
On-Line WISDM Navigation
On-Line WISDM Department Lookup

WISDM Paper Manuals

WISDM Set-Up (Getting Started)
WISDM Navigation
WISDM Department Lookup