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Chargeback Lookup Procedures

1.  On the UWEC Homepage, click on "MyBlugold CampS"

  Chargeback 1

2.  Login using your regular username and password.  Then click on the Main Menu/UW-Eau Claire/University Accounting/Chargeback Lookup (see screen print below).


 Chargeback 2

3.  You must add a fiscal year (e.g., 2014) and DeptID, then click Search.


 Chargeback 3

4.  You will then see a "Chargeback Type" drop down menu.  Use this to select a chargeback type and to switch between different types.


 Chargeback 4

5.  To change to another chargeback type, select another from the drop down menu.  This is easier than using the "Return to Search" button.


 Chargeback 5

6.  To search another DeptID, click, "Return to Search" and clear out the Fund Code, Program Code, and DeptID fields.  Then enter new DeptID.  If you hit the "Clear" button, you will need to include the fiscal year and make sure the SetID field shows UWEAU or you will get an error.


 Chargeback 6