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University Accounting


The University Accounting office provides financial reporting, budget preparation and control, and fiscal/business consultation to faculty, staff and institutional administrators.  External reporting services are provided to UW-System Administration, state, federal, and private extramural sponsors.

Service Objective

The facilitation of the instructional, research,and public service mission of UW-Eau Claire while ensuring compliance with applicable University, UW-System, state and federal statutes, policies, and regulations.

General Ledger Accounting / Budget Control Services

General ledger accounting is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of accounting and budget control procedures to monitor budget balances for all University departments and offices. The Budget Control / Auxiliary Operations Accountant initiates and coordinates corrective budget, expenditure, or revenue transfers when necessary, and advises cost center managers of budget problems. Assistance is also provided in identifying solutions to budgetary difficulties.

Extramural Support Accounting Services

Extramural support accounting is primarily responsible for assisting faculty, staff, and administrators in the financial management of grants and contracts. The Extramural Support Accountant provides financial reporting, budget consultation, billing, cash management, project matching reporting, administrative cost calculation, and time and effort certification services. The Extramural Support Accountant assists principal investigators/project directors in administration of their projects, and monitors and consults on financial matters to ensure compliance with all applicable policies/regulations.

Other Financial Services

Other financial services include miscellaneous accounts receivable charging, billing, and receipting, distribution of financial information including the monthly accounting reports, P-card audit, and consultation with users of financial information.