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Undergraduate Studies

Title III

Transforming Our Future - Strengthening Institutions Grant
Laurel Kieffer
, Title III Grant Activity Director
Phone: 715-836-3789

The core of this Department of Education five-year grant (10/1/09 - 9/30/14) is to financially support faculty and instructional academic staff development that ties to general education reform efforts. The thrust of the faculty development is to promote pedagogical strategies that enhance integrative learning, multicultural learning, and global learning infusion into general education courses.

There are several projects that are being funded, at least in part, through Title III dollars. The one that may be most familiar to the campus community is the Bundle Pilot Project. Other learning community efforts are also in the works for forthcoming academic years to include expanded living and learning communities, linked courses for first year and continuing students, and increased efforts to improve retention of transfer students. The grant also supports the development and implementation of a Connected Learning Advising system to assist students in more intentionally planning and following through on their curricular and co-curricular experience while at UW-Eau Claire.

Measures that the grant-supported efforts hope to impact include improved student views of the value of their general education experience, improved global preparedness, improved fifth-semester retention (especially for at-risk students), improved time-to-graduation, and improved graduation rates.