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UW-Eau Claire Faculty and Staff Professional Development Opportunities -Title III Grant Stipends

Blugold Bundle Learning Communities

Implementation of Integrative, Global or Multicultural Learning Outcomes

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  • Professional Development Opportunity on Learning Communities featuring national expert Dr. W. Joye Hardiman -- Coming in February -- Details to follow!

Learning communities are one high impact practice defined by academe to minimally include three components:

  • A common cohort of students who attend two or more classes together
  • Robust partnerships between academic affairs and student support services
  • Explicitly designed opportunities for integrative learning (Lardner and Malnarich, 2012).

Blugold Bundles Learning Communities are non-residential learning communities which combine two or more courses that explore a theme or "big question". A signature feature of UW-Eau Claire's Blugold Bundles is their focus on implementing integrative learning outcomes. Blugold Bundles may also include other experiences as part of the offering including service-learning, Domestic Intercultural Immersions, faculty/student research, or other options. UW-Eau Claire is in its third year of implementing the Blugold Bundle with nearly 350 students participating during AY 2012-13.

Applications are available for AY 2013-14 and are asked to be completed and sent to no later than January 18, 2013. This is the final year that professional development stipends will be available through Title III funds. It is our goal to increase the access of Blugold Bundles to over 600 students for AY 2013-14.

Looking for other interested instructors to form a learning community with? Click here to connect with colleagues and their ideas.

There are two briefs that provide helpful overviews to our efforts.

Options available for Fall 2013 or Spring 2014

  • Connect with one or more instructors to form a Blugold Bundle Learning Community -- an integrative, multi-disciplinary exploration of a topic or big question pertinent to first or second year students, or transfer students.
  • Blugold Bundle Learning Communities can occur fall or spring semester or across both. You choose!
  • Apply to an existing Blugold Bundle Learning Community.
  • Infuse multicultural learning outcomes or global learning outcomes into your course(s) or a learning community that you're already involved in.

Blugold Bundles Learning Communities provide our students opportunities to intentionally integrate knowledge and learn new skills across two or more disciplines. In addition, the cohort or community that is formed amongst the students provides students a support base and network for building relationships with each other and with instructors. Instructors involved in the bundles note improved engagement of students with the curriculum and in their class participation.

The AY 20114 call is to expand Blugold Bundle Learning Communities for students who need to fulfill 100- or 200-level general education courses.If you are scheduled to teach a 100- or 200-level course, you are encouraged to connect with one or two instructors from different departments to come together and form a Blugold Bundle Learning Community. The Blugold Bundle Help Sheet may provide you with ideas. Instructors new to Blugold Bundles or multicultural and global learning will receive stipends to attend a two-day workday during the summer with your Blugold Bundle instructor team. The workdays provide instruction and support with revising your course(s) to integrate the outcomes, to synchronize your syllabi, and to develop and implement embedded assessment strategies during spring semester. Proposals are due January 18, 2013.

Written Supports for Blugold Bundles Learning Community Proposals

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