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Taj Mahal in India

Faculty-Led International Immersion Experiences (FLIIE) Program

The Faculty-Led International Immersion Experiences (FLIIE) Program is made possible by a Blugold Commitment Grant. The program works to encourage and support faculty-led international immersion experiences for undergraduate UW-Eau Claire students by providing funding to decrease student costs and thus increase programmatic offerings and opportunities for student participation. Program experiences may focus on issues, themes or locations with geographical, cultural or historical significance, current events, or issues of importance to the people and places involved.

Goals of the Faculty-Led International Immersion Experiences (FLIIE) Program

  • To increase student access to high-impact learning abroad experiences*
  • To deepen student cultural competence through global engagement, study and experience
  • To tap and develop faculty expertise in building global relationships
  • To bring learning, capacity and understanding back to UW-Eau Claire

Congratulations to the 2018-2019 FLIIE award recipients! Click here for more information about each program.

For additional information or questions:
Kim Reed
Phone: 715-836-5940

*Please note: The goals of the Blugold Commitment are to extend access and affordability to these exceptional high-impact practices for all UW-Eau Claire undergraduates, to ensure that more of these opportunities are available for these students, and to increase the numbers of students who participate. Therefore, while UW-Eau Claire undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in multiple high-impact immersion programs, each student is eligible to receive BCDT funding for only one FLIIE experience. Any student who has participated in a previous FLIIE experience is not eligible to receive funding through BCDT for a second FLIIE experience.

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International Faculty-led programs at UW-Eau Claire successfully completed the Quality Improvement Program (QUIP) process and was recognized in February 2017 for meeting the Forum on Education Abroad's Standards of Good Practice.