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Editorial Style Guidelines: FAQs

Why an editorial style guide?
Use of the Editorial Style Guidelines helps increase the clarity and effectiveness of communications by consistent use of language, spelling and punctuation. For UW-Eau Claire departments and offices generating their own communications, adherence to the style guide will ensure more consistent editorial quality when doing so.

The guide was developed to answer basic editorial questions for university faculty and staff and to assist the campus community in portraying a consistent voice across all communications. The Editorial Style Guidelines should be used in tandem with The Power of AND Brand Manual and, for website communications, the UW-Eau Claire Web Guidelines.

Who should use the guide?
Anyone creating communications on behalf of UW-Eau Claire should adhere to the Editorial Style Guidelines.

What's in the guide?
The style guide answers basic questions about preferred punctuation, grammar, capitalization and other aspects of writing style for university communications.

If you have editing and style questions not covered in the guide, contact Integrated Marketing and Communications.