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Springfest 2017

2017 Springfest!

Campus Mall

TUESDAY, MAY 9 | 11-1pm

Free popcorn and ice cream cones (while supplies last)
Lawn games

WEDNESDAY, MAY 10 | 11-3pm

Free Music on the Mall

Harbor and Home

11am-noon: Harbor and Home

Sniffle Party

12:30- 1:30pm: Sniffle Party

Jerrika Mighelle

2-3pm: Jerrika Mighelle

THURSDAY, MAY 11 | 11-1pm

Therapy Dogs
Zumba (11:15am-12:15pm)
Lawn games

FRIDAY, MAY 12 | 11-1pm
Centennial Grand Finale

Grill Out: Grab a hotdog, brat or hamburger! (While Supplies Last)
Lawn Games

Springfest Events also brought to you by SPARC: Suicide Prevention and Research Collaborative and University Recreation and Sports Facilities.