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Comparison of Paper and Pencil and Computer-Based PPST

The costs for taking the PPST is the same for the paper/pencil or the computer based test.

A $50.00 non-refundable fee is charged for the paper-delivered test once per testing year (Sept.-Aug.).

Cost, one test $85.00.
Cost, two tests $125.00 If scheduled at the same time to be taken on the same date.
Cost, combined tests $135.00 If scheduled at the same time to be taken on the same date.

  NOTE:  if you register for each test individually and take them on separate days, you will be charged $85.00 per test.


  Paper and Pencil Computer-based
Results available Within four weeks

Reading and math unoffical scores are shown on the screen immediately on test day.

All scores are available to the student by accessing their account and the college(s) selected within two to four weeks.

Rescheduling $45.00 fee for changing test dates A $15.00 per test fee is charged for rescheduling.

 Please Note

The CBT PPST in Reading, Mathematics and Writing is offered both as a combined test that is delivered at a single testing session and as three separate tests. The combined test, which is 4 1/2 hours consists of four separately timed sections: Reading, Mathematics, multiple-choice Writing and essay Writing.

The separate tests are each two hours long and can be taken on different days.  NOTE: You will be charged $85.00 per test.




Paper and Pencil

40 questions, 60 min.

40 questions, 60 min.

45 multiple choice questions, 30 min.
1 essay, 30 min.

46 questions, 75 min.

46 questions, 75 min.

44 multiple choice questions, 38 min.
1 essay, 30 min.