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UW-Eau Claire Campus Sustainability

At UW-Eau Claire, we regard stewardship of the earth as a moral commitment and an obligation of our planetary citizenship. Our campus Centennial Plan includes a beautiful passage that speaks to this view: 

Centennial Plan
Campus Carbon Footprint

UW-Eau Claire's "carbon footprint," or net greenhouse gas emissions, are reported every two years by a group of approximately 20 students enrolled in an Honors colloquium. The results from the past 5 inventories are shown above. Our emissions are reported in metric tons of equivalent carbon dioxide (eCO2), which is a measure representing all greenhouse gases produced. Historically, our carbon footprint is split roughly equally between electricity use, on-campus emissions from the steam plant, and emissions resulting from transportation. This includes weekly commuting, university-owned vehicles and all school-related travel such as athletics travel, conference attendance, and international immersion experiences. Emissions due to waste are minimized because our local landfill employs a landfill-gas-to-energy system. This and all prior inventories were completed as part of the University's efforts to achieve "carbon neutrality," or zero net greenhouse gas emissions, consistent with our status as an inaugural signatory of the American Colleges and Universities Presidents' Climate Commitment since 2007.