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About Us

As a community of students and scholars, we are in constant engagement with the world around us.  As a community of citizens—increasingly "global citizens"—we all hold responsibility for the world around us.  The UW-Eau Claire community works thoughtfully in a variety of ways towards a sustainable future. 

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Our vision for the future, articulated in the Centennial Plan, identifies "Stewardship and Sustainability" as one of four key values.  "Stewardship," the plan observes, "is the value that prompts us to safeguard the things that matter most". One of the many ways this value was put into action was  through the signing of the AAC&U's Presidents' Climate Commitment in 2007. The signing of this commitment speaks to UW-Eau Claire's recognition that institutions of higher learning have a responsibility to the rest of society and that our institution is dedicated to working towards a sustainable future.

From energy conservation to the search for a clean commute, from curricular and research interests across the disciplines to the pursuit of local food in our dining halls, the work of sustainability initiatives happens all over campus.  Increasingly the work is accomplished by groups comprising members from across the campus community--students, staff, faculty, administration--with a shared goal of making our campus more sustainable for ourselves and for future generations of Blugolds!