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Sustainability Fellows  


Christina Hupy



A member of the Geography and Anthropology Department since 2007, Christina was appointed the third Sustainability Fellow by Interim-Chancellor Gilles Bousquet in spring of 2013.  Christina has been working closely with Jim at the end of his term and is excited to advocate for sustainability on campus. Learn more about Christina from the press release announcing her appointment.

James Boulter

Dr. Jim Boulter

A member of the Chemistry Department since 2004, Jim was appointed by Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich as the second Campus Sustainability Fellow at the end of Spring Semester 2011.  Having worked closely with Kate during her term, he is well prepared to advocate for our developing sustainable campus culture. Learn more about Jim from the press release announcing his appointment.  

Kate Hale

Dr. Kate Hale Wilson

A member of the English Department since 1987, Kate was appointed by Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich as the first Campus Sustainability Fellow in August of 2008.  The half-time position was created as part of the implementation of the Centennial Plan, the university's strategic plan, which calls for identifying and prioritizing campus improvements focusing on sustainability.