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Learning Outcomes  

Knowledge of Human Culture & the Natural World

  1. Students develop a depth of knowledge about human culture and the natural world through co-curricular experiences.
  2. Students connect knowledge and life experiences.

Creative & Critical Thinking

  1. Students integrate concepts and principles from multiple perspectives in order to address problems and make decisions.
  2. Students articulate the pros and cons of a complex issue and formulate their own position regarding that issue.
  3. Students apply previously understood information and concepts to a new situation or setting.
  4. Students engage in self-examination of assumptions and beliefs.

Effective Communication

  1. Students work collaboratively and seek feedback from others.
  2. Students write and speak after reflection.
  3. Students listen actively and ask appropriate questions.

Individual & Social Responsibility

  1. Students assume responsibility for their decisions and accept consequences, whether positive or negative.
  2. Students articulate their values and make decisions congruent with them.
  3. Students appropriately challenge unfair, unjust, or uncivil behavior.
  4. Students participate in the development and maintenance of their communities.

Respect for Diversity Among People

  1. Students examine their own cultural identities and how identities affect their power and privilege in society.
  2. Students recognize and behave appropriately when differences exist.
  3. Students seek to understand viewpoints of others and appreciate the value of other worldviews.
  4. Students strive to expand personal and professional development through diverse experiences and interactions with those different from themselves.

Personal Wellness

  1. Students identify and incorporate healthy lifestyle choices in the areas of physical, social, environmental, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional wellness.
  2. Students demonstrate an understanding of balance between education, work and leisure time.
  3. Students set, articulate, and pursue personal and professional goals, and overcome obstacles that hamper goal achievement.
  4. Students develop and maintain satisfying and mutually rewarding interpersonal relationships.
  5. Students maintain feelings of self-worth and manage emotions appropriately.