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Legal Service

1382241_1Need legal advice? Don't want it to break the bank? Attorney Harry Hertel comes to campus once a week to help students. This program can help students with a very broad range of common student legal needs including traffic issues, small claims, personal injury, landlord disputes, alcohol issues and employer/employee disputes.

A $10.00 first-time fee is charged, with a $5.00 fee for each subsequent appointment concerning the same subject matter.  To schedule an appointment stop by the Student Senate Office (220 Davies Center), call 715-836-4646 or e-mail  

Stephanie Pyykola will assist you in reserving a time and answer your questions about the legal appointment.

Spring Semester Legal Appointment Schedule

Legal Services will be available on the following dates, please contact us for appointment times at  (715)-836-4646 or 

  • May 9, 15, 29