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House Day

House Day

Feb. 10, 2016 9 AM-3 PM
2nd floor - Davies Student Center

In recent years students have been signing and resigning their off-campus leases closer and closer to the beginning of the academic year preceding the academic year of their intended leasing year. Student have been found to be caught in a 18 month or greater contract obligation and the life plans of a college student cannot always remain that long term. This has led to many legal and personal complications between students and landlords.

House Day, a UW-Eau Claire Student Senate initiative, is designed to combat this problem by pushing back lease signing into the fall semester and also providing students with an opportunity to meet face-to-face with prospective landlords before visiting a specific property.

Students will have the opportunity to check listings and meet and talk with landlords offering off-campus housing to students. Approximately 50 landlords typically attend and as many as 700 students have taken advantage of this opportunity in the past.

Community representatives, whether from law enforcement or neighborhood associations, are periodically available throughout the event to provide additionally resources to students.

For more information on House Day, contact the Student Senate program assistant at 715-836-4646 or, as always, come in and see us in Davies 220. Feel free to contact us!