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Student Senate Press Releases  

Press Releases are written communication directed at members of the news media, constituencies, or other members of Student Senate with the intent of making an announcement. Student Senate Executives and Senators may submit press releases to the Student Senate Web Coordinator to be posted below.

Please note that all press releases reflect the viewpoints of individual Student Senate Executives or Senators and are not the opinion of the Student Senate or the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. For official opinions from the Student Senate please refer to the Resolutions page.

To view press releases from previous sessions, click here.

Senators: If you wish to post a press release please e-mail it to The Student Senate Web Coordinator posts press releases received via e-mail and posts the release under the date on the Press Release, letter or document. Send the Web Coordinator an attached Word document or simply cut and paste into the body of an e-mail. Please include the title under which the Press Release should be posted. For example the link to your release below could be: Senator Doe - Title of Press Release.