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The SOS student leadership consists of one student director and three student interns who work closely with one faculty advisor. There are 12 voting members of the Commission as well as active non-voting members. All members collaborate on an internal level through Task Forces that focus on waste, water, energy, transportation, community & Housing & Residence Life.

The SOS Director maintains general oversight of the Commission, manages the Green Fund budget, and heads the weekly SOS Board meetings. Interns likewise take on various responsibilities as the Strategic Planning, Events & Marketing, and Management Interns. The SOS Eco-Reps are students tasked with specific roles in maintaining new or ongoing projects and programs run by the SOS. Lastly, Commission Members are required to attend all weekly meetings in order to discuss and vote on Green Fund allocations and various other activities. All of these positions provide excellent leadership and professional development opportunities for students interested in campus sustainability!


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Join Us!

Because the SOS functions through a collaborative model, we encourage the involvement of outside students and other student organizations. Anyone is welcome to attend our weekly SOS Board meetings to find out more. Look on the SOS Homepage for a list of meeting times and locations for the current fiscal year. 

Check out the links below to learn more about the various student positions within the SOS!

SOS Board Members

SOS Eco-Reps

SOS Internships