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SOS Internships

The SOS interns work under the SOS Director and are involved with proposing and developing new policies, projects, and initiatives. In addition, each intern has a designated role in the maintenance of ongoing SOS programs. 

Communication Intern

The SOS Communication Intern is tasked with coordinating, constructing, and distributing the monthly SOS Newsletter and updating the SOS website. This student is also in charge of the strategic marketing of all SOS programs, projects, and events throughout the fiscal year, requiring them to collaborate regularly with the SOS Events Intern, Management Intern, and other relevant persons. 

Events Intern

The SOS Events Intern is tasked with planning the SOS film series, Earth Week events, and all other SOS events. This intern must coordinate with Campus Events Services and other relevant departments, organizations, and persons for each event. The Events Intern also writes proposals to allocate funding towards these events. 


Management Intern

The SOS Management Intern is tasked with the management of all SOS Eco-Reps and with oversight of all ongoing SOS programs. This requires frequent meetings with the Eco-Reps and with other people involved with each program. The Management Intern also writes proposals to allocate funding towards these programs and for Eco-Rep stipends. 


SOS Interns are appointed at the end of each Spring Semester to work through the following fiscal year. If you are interested in applying for an internship position, contact the SOS Director at