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The Campus Garden demonstrates sustainable food production practices in the center courtyard of Phillips Hall. This ongoing program is a collaboration between the SOS, the Foodlums, and the Summer Grounds Crew.

The Campus Garden is currently transitioning into a more perennial garden, which now includes apple trees, berry bushes, and other perennial produce. Some of these plants may take a year or two to reach full maturity and to produce fruit, so please be patient and respectful when visiting the garden. The goal here is to create a tranquil edible landscape that will sustain from year to year and that will require minimal maintenance. All students are welcome to come and enjoy the garden at any time, and students are free to indulge in any ripe fruits or veggies that they may find in the garden. Enjoy!


If you would like to become involved with the ongoing maintenance and planning of the Campus Garden, please contact the Foodlums:

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