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The Compost Pick-Up Program offers studentsliving off-campus the ability to divert compostable materials from landfills tobe composted on campus and used in the Campus Garden. The program operatesduring summer, fall, and spring (not winter due to the conditions).

How Does it Work?


Student participants are asked to provide their campus email, their off-campus address, and a $10 deposit for a yellow compost bucket. Compost Pick-Up Eco Reps bring these buckets directly to each participant's home. Participants then fill the buckets with their food scraps and other compostable materials and place the buckets out on their front doorstep once every week so that the student Eco-Reps can ride the Compost Pick-Up Bike on their weekly route to collect the compost.

What Happens to the Compost?


All compostable materials collected through this program are brought to be composted in the Campus Garden to be turned into nutrient rich plant food for the campus garden. This way, students can enjoy delicious fruits and vegetables that are the very products of their own organic waste!

Why the Yellow Buckets?

yellow bucket

We ask students to rent a yellow bucket for this program rather than use a bucket/container of their own. This is because our yellow buckets are bright and easy for the Compost Eco-Reps to find when they bike their weekly routes. These buckets are easy to distinguish from other containers that students may have sitting outside of their homes, and they are strong and durable. This makes  your Eco-Rep's job easier and more streamlined. Remember, the $10 for your yellow bucket is only a deposit, and you will be fully reimbursed at the end of the program when you return your bucket to the SOS.



If you live off-campus and would like to participate in the Compost Pick-Up Program, please contact

Check out the Compost Pick-Up Program Pamphlet