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Phone: 715-836-5388


A.B. in Chemistry and Biology, Albion College, 1974
Ph.D. in Biophysics, University of Pittsburgh, 1980
Postdoctoral, University of Minnesota, 1980-1988


Chem 103 - General Chemistry I
Chem 150 - Survey of Biochemistry
Chem 213 - Quantitative Analysis
Chem 352 - Fundamentals of Biochemistry
Chem 406 - Biophysical Chemistry
Chem 412 - Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Seminar
Chem 452 - Biochemistry I
Chem 453 - Biochemistry Laboratory I
Chem 454 - Biochemistry II
Chem 455 - Biochemistry Laboratory II
Chem 497 - Independent Study (ACS)

Research Interests

Biophysical studies of the structures and functions of naturally occurring peptides and peptide-derived molecules.

Selected Publications

Bandow, N., Gilles, V. S., Freesmeier, B. C., Semrau, J. D., Krentz, B. D., Gallagher, W. H., McEllistrem, M. T., Hartsel, S. C., Choi, D. W., Hargrove, M. S., Swanson, T. M., Chesner, L. N., Baunreiter, K. M., Cao, B. V., Gavitt, M. M., Hoopes, J. A., Johnson, J. M., Polster, E. M., Schoenick, B. D., Unlauf, A. M., and DiSpirito, A. A. (2012) "Spectral and Copper Binding Properties of Methanobactin from the Facultative Methanotroph Methylocystis strain SB2", Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 110, 72-82.

Bandow, N. L., Gallagher, W. H., Behling, L., Choi, D. W., Semrau, J. D., Hartsel, S. C., Gilles, V. S., and Dispirito, A. A. (2011) "Isolation of methanobactin from the spent media of methane-oxidizing bacteria", Methods in Enzymology 495, 259-69.

Krentz, B. D., Mulheron, H. J., Semrau, J. D., Di Spirito, A. A., Bandow, N. L., Haft, D. H., Vuilleumier, S., Murrell, J. C., McEllistrem, M. T., Hartsel, S. C., and Gallagher, W. H. (2010) "A Comparison of Methanobactins from Methylosinus trichosporium OB3b and Methylocystis Strain SB2 Predicts Methanobactins Are Synthesized from Diverse Peptide Precursors Modified To Create a Common Core for Binding and Reducing Copper Ions", Biochemistry 49, 10117–10130.

Choi, D. W., Bandow, N. L., McEllistrem, M. T., Semrau, J. D., Antholine, W. E., Hartsel, S. C., Gallagher, W., Zea, C. J., Pohl, N. L., Zahn, J. A., and DiSpirito, A. A. (2010) "Spectral and thermodynamic properties of methanobactin from ?-proteobacterial methane oxidizing bacteria: a case for copper competition on a molecular level", Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 104, 1240-1247.

Behling, Lee A., Hartsel, Scott C., Leis, David E., DiSpirito, Alan A., Choi, Dong-W., Masterson, Larry R., Veglia, Gianluigi, and Gallagher, Warren H. (2008) "NMR, Mass Spectrometry and Chemical Evidence Reveal a Different Chemical Structure for Methanobactin That Contains Oxazolone Rings." J. Amer. Chem. Soc. Communications 130, 12604-12605 (The article was featured as a News of the Week feature in C&E News, Sept. 8, 2008)

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