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Phone: 715-836-4744


D.Sc. 2012, Adelaide University, Australia -- Chemistry
Ph.D. 1980, Adelaide University -- Organic Chemistry
B.Sc. 1972, Adelaide University -- Chemistry


CHEM 100 Chemistry: Issues and Answers
CHEM 103 General Chemistry I
CHEM 274 Chemical Industry Seminar
CHEM 325: Organic Chemistry I with Laboratory
CHEM 326: Organic Chemistry II with Laboratory
CHEM 411: Survey of Industrial Chemistry
CHEM 426: Modern Organic Chemistry

Research Interests

Synthetic organic chemistry and physical organic chemistry: our efforts in this area include the synthesis and chemistry of fluorescent compounds, the synthesis of chiral compounds based on camphor, and the synthesis of carbohydrate-bases compounds for the fluorescent labeling of biological amines.

Medicinal chemistry and biological organic chemistry: our efforts in this are are focused on the coagulation process, and the development of new oral anticoagulants or new adjuvants to improve the safety of warfarin as an anticoagulant.

History of Chemistry: our efforts in this area predominantly concern the development of organic chemistry in pre-Soviet Russia.

Recent publications

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