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Ph.D. Ohio State University - 1985
B.S. Ohio University – 1979


Chem 103 General Chemistry
IDIS 155 Food, Glorious Food: Food Chemistry and Culture
Chem 150 Survey of Biochemistry
Chem 352 Fundamentals ofBiochemistry
Chem 412 Biochemistry /Molecular Biology Seminar
Chem 452 Biochemistry I
Chem 453 Biochemistry Laboratory
Chem 454 Biochemistry II
Chem 361 Molecules and Medicine


Biochemistry and Pharmacology
Environmental copper acquisition by methanotrophic bacterial peptides
Improved drug delivery systems for antifungal drugs
Protein misfolding and disease

Selected publications

Xue-Ting Liu, William R. Schwan, Thomas J. Volk, Marc Rott, Miaomiao Liu, Pei Huang, Zhong Liu, Ying Wang, Nicholas C. Zitomer, Cassandra Sleger, Scott Hartsel, Aaron Monte, and Lixin Zhang "Antibacterial Spirobisnaphthalenes from the North American Cup Fungus Urnula craterium."J. Nat. Prod., 2012, 75 (9), pp 1534–1538

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Turtinen L, *Bremer L, *Prall D, *Schwartzhoff J, and S.C. Hartsel "Distinct cytokine release profiles in human endothelial and THP-1 macrophage-like cells exposed to different Amphotericin B formulations "Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology, 2005 27: 85-93.

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