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Phone: 715-836-5518

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B.A., Chemistry, Macalester College
Ph.D., Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley


Chem 213: Quantitative Analysis
Chem 442: Instrumental Analysis

Research Interests

Atmospheric chemistry, urban photochemistry and photochemical processing of plumes, chemical kinetics of atmospheric systems.

Selected Publications

Cleary, P.A., P.J. Wooldridge, R. C. Cohen, "Laser-induced fluorescence detection of atmospheric NO2 with a commercial diode laser and a supersonic expansion", Applied Optics, (2002), 41, 6950-6956.

Cleary, P.A., M. T. Baeza Romero, M. A. Blitz, D. H. Heard, M. J. Pilling, P. W. Seakins, L. Wang. "Determination of global temperature dependence of OH with C2H4 from 200-400K using experimental and master equation analysis" Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2006), 8, 5633-5642.

Cleary, P.A., Dempsey, L.P., Murray, C., Lester, M.I., Klos, J., Alexander M.H.

"Electronic Quenching of OH A 2Σ+Radicals in Single Collision Events with Molecular Hydrogen: Quantum State Distribution of the OH X 2Π Products" Journal of Chemical Physics, 126, 204316 ( 2007).

Cleary, P.A., P. J. Wooldridge, D. A. Day, D. Millet, A. H. Goldstein, R.C. Cohen. "Observations of total peroxy nitrates and aldehydes: measurement interpretation and inference of OH radical concentrations" Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 7, (2007), 1947-1960.