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Academic Affair

Phone: 715-836-4353


Ph.D. Harvard University – 1988
M.A. Harvard University - 1985
B.S. UW-Eau Claire – 1983


Chem 103 General Chemistry I
Chem 104 General Chemistry II
Chem 218 Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry
Chem 274 Chemical Industry Seminar
Chem 325 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
Chem 411 Survey of Industrial Chemistry
Chem 420 Advanced Synthesis Laboratory
Chem 497 Independent Study

Research – Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis

Industrial collaborative research with Chevron Phillips Chemical Co.
Design and synthesis of transition metal compounds as ethylene polymerization catalysts

Selected publications

Selective Ethylene Tri/Tetramerization Catalysts. O. L. Sydora, T. C. Jones, B. L. Small, A. J. Nett, A. A. Fischer, M. J. Carney; ACS Catal. 2012, 2, 2452-2455.

Oligomerization of Ethylene Using New Tridentate Iron Catalysts Bearing a-Diimine Ligands with Pendant S and P Donors. B. L. Small, R. Rios, E. R. Fernandez, D. L. Gerlach, J. A. Halfen, M. J. Carney;Organometallics 2010, 29, 6723-6731.

Oligomerization of Ethylene Using New Iron Catalysts Bearing Pendant Donor-Modified a-Diimine Ligands. B. L. Small, R. Rios, E. R. Fernandez, M. J. Carney; Organometallics 2007, 26, 1744-1749.

Alternatives to Pyridinebisimine Ligands: Syntheses and Structures of Metal Complexes Supported by Donor-Modified a-Diimine Ligands. B. M. Schmiege, M. J. Carney, B. L. Small, D. L. Gerlach, J. A. Halfen; Dalton Transactions 2007, 2547-2562.

Polymerization Catalyst Development:  Collaborative Research with Chevron Phillips Chemical Company. M. J. Carney;CUR Quarterly, September 2006,Vol. 27, No. 1, 22-26.