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Peer Haven Mentors 

Devin | Peer Haven Co-Coordinator

Hey gurl hey! I'm a Junior here at EC, and majoring in Social Work emphasizing in advocacy for the LGBTQ+ and Deaf communities, and planning on getting my Interpreters degree for ASL (American Sign Language).I was born and raised in Flint, MI.I have been a part of the University Bands until this year and music is a major part of my life. But, the other major part of my life is Magic: The Gathering, more specifically EDH, and then other things like sketching new tattoo designs and reading my personal in-Dorm Library.Something that not many would guess, is that I am a connoisseur of animal noises, hoping to master a Lion's roar, and a Peacock's call. As an Androgyne and a Homosexual I really feel that everyone should be made to feel as comfortable and as at home, here in EC, as I have come to feel!

James | Peer Haven Co-Coordinator
James E

Hey there! My name's James and I'm a junior from the Green Bay area. I'm a transfer student studying Materials Science who came to Eau Claire from Michigan Tech in the Upper Peninsula last spring. I currently work in the Careers Services office as well as at the Oakwood Mall. Whenever I'm not too busy I enjoy spending time binging on TV shows with my roommate, Gunnar, who's also a peer haven mentor. As a transfer student, I've recently had to go through my transition to Eau Claire which can be tough in general, but even more so for LGBT students. I hope that I'm able to help other LGBT students find their place here at UWEC.

Courtney | Peer Haven Mentor

Bon jour! My name is Courtney and I am a Social Work major currently in my third year of college. I am from Marshall, WI, a small town surrounded by cows and I have a handsome cat named Gus. I am the captain of the Women’s Rugby Team on campus as well as the recruiting officer. I started playing my second semester of college and I fell in love with it immediately!  This is my first year with Peer Haven and to say I am excited to be a part of this program would be an understatement! I drink my coffee black and I have a tendency to serenade my friends.