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Alumni News

Alumni News

Travis Hedtke (Class of 2002) I have been a school counselor and girls' basketball coach at Memorial High School (Eau Claire) since 2004. Married Megan Bishop (2002 UWEC grad - Psych major/Soc minor) in 2006. Son Bryce was born in April 2007. Sociolgy major w/ Psych minor - UWEC 2002 Masters in PK-12 Guidance & Counseling - UW Stout 2004 PK-12 Educational Leadership Licensure - Viterbo University 2009

Noah Haas (Class of 2006) Some might say I'm not really using my degree. While it's true that I'm not working in a professional sociology field, I feel that my education fit in with the work I'm giving my life to. As I continue to work with students, I'm constantly learning more about their perspectives, worldviews, and beliefs. I'm learning how to engage with students in ways that are respectful and productive, and challenging them to think about deeper matters of life and belief and ultimately, to pursue truth. This is a significant challenge in a world where distractions from this task abound. It's my hope to continue to influence students to analyze what they believe to be true, to seek truth, and to walk confidently in it, allowing it to permeate all areas of life, living as authentic people. And I desire them to enter the mess of our society as men and women who are engaging, love people well, and refresh and give life to the world around them.

My wife Katie and I are on staff with The Navigators doing campus ministry work at the University of Illinois.

Christine Smith (Class of 2002) Returned from a Peace Corps posting teaching English in the Ukraine. She has been admitted to the Graduate program at the University of Massachusetts--Amherst for the Fall of 2007.